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Quick, efficient, local and so experienced we can get you quote in just 10 minutes!  Whether you are new to contracting and want a full in person estimate, or this is not your first rodeo and you want to get right down to business by phone, we can accommodate either. We are here to take the pain out of waiting and wondering, and promise to get you a firm quote in your email quickly and easily. We are looking forward to working with you!  Learn more about what makes us different.

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Get the job done right the first time when you work with us.  Interior painting may sound simple enough and what makes it even trickier is that even the worst paint jobs look good immediately after they’re done.  The difference is really noticeable months and years after the job is complete. We’ll paint your whole house, fix drywall, bannisters, and trim as needed, and use the right techniques to avoid drips and other mistakes. We’ll even paint cabinets and help with kitchen remodels.  Talk to us and we’ll figure out a solution that work best for you and your budget.

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We’re not only the best painters in Chicago and St. Louis, we also can do construction, fence repair, and even drywall.  Learn more about all the services we offer. 

Blue House

Keep your home or business looking great with a refresh of the exteriror painting.


modern interior living room with blue walls white windows scaled

Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and everything in between.  Get quality interior painting with us.


commercial office interior painting scaled

We paint larger projects too.  If you have an office or commercial building that needs painting, let’s talk.


drywall and plaster repair scaled

Whether you need new drywall for your painting project or by itself, we have the experience & tools to do it right.

We’re your complete solution for home and office renovation and construction.  Learn about all the services we offer.

A few examples



Blue House


Before 2


After 2


See more examples of projects we’ve done.  We’re adding new pictures of interior and exterior work we’ve done all the time.

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