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How much does it cost to paint your house?

A fresh coat of paint can revitalize any home. Whether you’re planning to sell your house or just want to spruce it up for your own enjoyment, a new paint job is a great way to go. However, it is important to know how much it will cost to paint your house before you begin the project. This is why we built the paint estimate calculator (above).  It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to complete and it will give you a good idea on the fair price range to paint the interior or exterior of your home. If you have just a few more minutes, make sure to fill in our form below and in a 10 minute call we can get you an exact quote    

Calculating the Cost to Paint a Home

There is a lot of real world experience that has gone in to creating our painting estimate calculator.  With over 20 years experience quoting jobs, we pride ourselves in providing a quick and accurate quote and the same logic and calculations we use in formal quotes are is now available for anyone to use with this handy tool.   

Keep in mind that these are only estimates, and actual costs may vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of exterior siding, the number of stories, the total square footage, and much more.  There’s no true substitute for our 10 minute free consultation, but this tool gets close.

So you can better understand the context and thinking behind the tool, we’ve highlighted the details for you below.  

To start, all painting estimates are based on 2 types of costs:

Labor Costs

Labor costs will vary depending on the size of the job and the experience of the painter.

For a basic exterior paint job, you can expect to pay between $25 and $75 per hour.

Most professional painters will bid the entire project, which includes all work hours. Some painting contractors may charge by the hour if they are uncertain how long the project will take.

Be wary of this pricing structure, as it may end up costing you more in the long run. 

Built in to the labor costs you have some activities that are related to the prep time for the painting service and can include things like power washing, scraping, and sanding.  

Other labor related costs include insurance like Worker’s comp and liability insurance.

Paint & Supply Costs

The average painting cost of paint and materials will vary depending on the type of paint you use and the complexity of the job.

For a basic exterior paint job, you can expect to pay between $20 and $120 per gallon. Higher-quality paints may cost more, but they will also last longer.

Skimping on paint quality is an easy way for lower quality painting companies to cut costs and even a bad paint job will look decent right after the painting is complete.  The impact of the cheap paint and possibly bad technique only becomes really obvious after a few months.  

Jobs that are more complicated may require more prep work, so there are added costs for additional tarps, tape, and other coverings. 



Cost to Paint Home Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home can be a big project. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to spend when painting your home’s exterior.

Entire Exterior House Painting Cost per Square Footwhite and gray wooden 2-storey house

The size of your house, the height of your ceilings, the number of levels, and the type of property are all factors that will affect the cost of painting your house.

The average cost to paint  house exterior is $1.50 and $4 per square foot. For a typical 1301-2000 square foot house, that means you’ll spend between $1000 and $3000 on labor.

Average Cost to Paint a House Exterior by Number of Stories

Since the height of your house will affect the amount of time and effort required to paint it, the cost of painting a house exterior will vary depending on the number of stories: One story, two stories or three stories.

It’s also important to consider the type of house when estimating the cost to paint a house exterior. A ranch style home will require less paint and labor than a two-story colonial.

Another factor to consider is the prep work required to paint the exterior of your house. If your house needs to be power washed, scraped or sanded before painting, that will add to the cost.

Lastly, the type of paint you choose for your house exterior will also affect the cost. For example, latex paint is typically less expensive than oil-based paint.

Keep in mind that these are just averages and that your actual project costs may be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned above.

Cost to Paint Home Interior

Similar to exterior painting, the cost to paint the interior of a house depends on several factors, including the size of the house, the number of rooms, the type of paint used, and any prep work that needs to be done prior to painting.

Entire Interior Painting Cost per Square Foot

white sofa chair near fireplaceThe average cost to paint the interior of a house falls between $1 and $3 per square foot. If you’re doing the ceilings, walls and trim, the cost per square foot will probably fall between $3 and $6. This is an average price range for most homes. It’s important to keep in mind that your home’s size, condition and layout will all affect the final cost.

The type of property you’re painting will also play a role in the cost. If you’re painting a single-story home, the square footage you need to cover won’t be as much as if you’re painting a two-story home. In general, the more levels your home has, the more surface area you’ll need to paint.

The cost to paint interior walls varies depending on the size of the project and the type of paint used. You may also need to factor in the cost of painting baseboards and door casings. These are typically included in the square footage calculation when estimating the cost to paint a house interior.

And lastly, the type of house you’re painting will also affect the cost. A ranch style home will cost less to paint than a colonial or Victorian style home, for example.

If you’re painting the interior of your home, be sure to get an accurate estimate of the square footage you need to cover. This will help you determine how much paint you’ll need and what the final cost will be. Once you’ve got your estimate, contact a local painting contractor to get started on your project.

Keep all of these factors in mind when estimating the cost to paint your home’s interior.


Getting an Accurate Quote

As you’ve learned, the cost to paint your home is affected by many different factors.  Our Painting Estimate Calculator can give you a rough idea what an acceptable price range is to paint either the interior or exterior of your home, but there’s no substitute for a personal consultation.  

If you’ve already received a quote from another painting company that falls out of the range of the calculator, be aware that you could either pay too much or they may need to cut corners to complete your job at a lower price.   If you need a comparable quote or want to discuss your job in more detail we’re happy to help.  Just fill out our form below and we’ll get right back to you.