Livonia, MI Painters

Looking for a painting contractor in Livonia? Learn the many ways that OnDemand Painters can improve your home or business.

Interior Painting in Livonia, Michigan

Livonia experiences a variety of weather conditions, and we understand the importance of a fresh, comforting interior for your home. Our team of experienced painters have worked in various Livonia neighborhoods, from Old Rosedale Gardens to Quakertown, providing high-quality workmanship. We only use top-notch paints and materials, ensuring durability and aesthetics.

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Exterior Painting in Livonia, Michigan

Livonia’s climate ranges from warm summers to cold, snowy winters. We offer expert exterior house painting services that can withstand Michigan’s weather while enhancing your home’s curb appeal. With our honest pricing, we’ve made homes in Devon Aire and Castle Gardens stand out.

Cabinet Painting & Resurfacing in Livonia, Michigan

Update your kitchen or bathroom with our cabinet painting and resurfacing services. We provide an economical way to refresh your space. Given Livonia’s diverse population, we cater to a variety of style preferences, providing custom solutions to every household.

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Commercial Painting in Livonia, Michigan

From the bustling Laurel Park Place to Schoolcraft College, we understand the vibrant commercial scene of Livonia. Our commercial painting services are designed to create a welcoming environment for your clients or students, reflecting your business’s professionalism.

Deck Painting, Staining, & Repair in Livonia, Michigan

Livonia’s sunny summer days are perfect for outdoor gatherings. We provide deck painting, staining, and repair services to ensure your deck is ready for the season. Our quick quotes and excellent communication make the process hassle-free.

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Plaster & Drywall Repair in Livonia, Michigan

Given the age of some homes in Livonia, plaster and drywall repairs may be needed. With over 20 years of experience, we provide expert plaster and drywall services, ensuring your home remains structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Fence Painting & Staining in Livonia, Michigan

Whether you live in Burton Hollow or by the busy streets of Livonia, our fence painting and staining services can enhance your home’s exterior. Our high-quality materials withstand the local weather, ensuring long-lasting results. Trust OnDemand Painters to provide top-tier services in Livonia, Michigan.

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gutter installation services

Gutter Installation & Removal in Livonia

Got leaky gutters? We specialize in the removal and installation fo 5K and 6K seamless gutters. We only use aluminum or galvanized steel gutters, known for their strength, resistance to corrosion and long service life. We can give you a quote just for gutter replacement or include this with other work like an exterior paint job. Please give us a call or fill out the quote form below and we’ll see how we can help.

More About Livonia, Michigan

Livonia is a city located in Wayne County, Michigan, and is a part of the Metro Detroit area. With a population of 94,422, it is Michigan’s ninth most-populated municipality. The city is situated about 2 miles west of Detroit, separated only by Redford Township. Livonia was originally organized as a township in 1835 and later incorporated as a city in 1950. The median home price in Livonia stands at $303,800, and the average property tax is $6,562, with a county tax rate of 2.16%. The city is covered by multiple zip codes: 48150, 48151, 48152, 48153, and 48154.


Livonia has a rich history that dates back to its organization as a township in 1835. The area was initially settled by ethnic European-American pioneers from New England and New York. The city was incorporated in 1950, partly to gain tax revenues from the Detroit Race Course. Over the years, Livonia has attracted immigrants, including Palestinian and Lebanese Christians, who have contributed to the city’s diverse culture. Six U.S. presidents have visited Livonia, adding to its historical significance.

Geography and Weather

The city spans an area of 35.86 square miles, with various creeks and rivers flowing through it. Livonia experiences a typical Midwestern climate, with cold winters and warm summers.

Points of Interest

Livonia offers various points of interest, including parks, recreation centers, and libraries. The city is also home to the Livonia Hockey Association, one of the largest amateur hockey associations in Michigan.

Neighborhoods and Nearby Cities

Livonia is a large city with various neighborhoods, each offering its unique charm. The city is close to other Metro Detroit suburbs, providing residents with numerous options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.


The city has a robust economy with leading employers like Ford Motor Company, Trinity Health, and Livonia Public Schools. Livonia also features commercial and industrial sectors, restaurants, and retail stores, making it a self-sufficient community.


Livonia is served by the Livonia Public Schools district, which consists of multiple elementary, middle, and high schools. The city is also home to colleges like Madonna University and Schoolcraft College.


Livonia is a city that offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities. With its close proximity to Detroit, robust economy, and diverse cultural landscape, it’s a city that promises a high quality of life. Whether you’re a young professional or looking to settle down with a family, Livonia has something to offer for everyone.

Livonia is just one of the many Detroit suburbs that OnDemand Painters works in. Contact us through the form below for a quick quote or learn more about why we’re the best painters in Detroit.