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Interior Painting in West Chicago, Illinois

In West Chicago, we provide top-notch interior house painting services. With 187 sunny days, the light plays a significant role in highlighting the colors of your rooms. Our experienced team understands the importance of this and works with you to select the best shades and finishes. Whether you reside in Turner or Indian Knoll, we ensure your home’s interior reflects your style.

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Exterior House Painting in West Chicago, IL

West Chicago averages 38 inches of rain and 31 inches of snow per year, which can be harsh on your home’s exterior. Our team uses premium quality paints and materials, ensuring that your home withstands this climate while maintaining its beauty. From Pioneer to Norton Creek, we’ve got you covered.

Cabinet Painting & Resurfacing in West Chicago, IL

From kitchens in Currier to bathrooms in Indian Knoll, we breathe new life into your cabinets with our professional painting and resurfacing services. We use only the best quality materials, ensuring they withstand the changing West Chicago climate.

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Commercial Painting in West Chicago, Illinois

Whether your business is close to the DuPage Airport or near the Truitt-Hoff Nature Preserve, we provide high-quality commercial painting services. We understand the importance of first impressions and ensure your establishment stands out with the perfect color scheme.

Deck Painting, Staining, & Repair in West Chicago, Illinois

With 38 inches of rain and 31 inches of snowfall annually, decks in West Chicago require extra care. Our team provides expert deck painting, staining, and repair services, ensuring your deck endures the weather changes while looking its best.

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Plaster & Drywall Contractor in West Chicago, Illinois

From homes in Turner to offices in Norton Creek, we offer professional plaster and drywall services. Given the changing West Chicago climate, we ensure your interiors are well-insulated and energy-efficient.

Fence Painting & Staining in West Chicago, Illinois

In West Chicago, your fence must withstand 119 days of precipitation each year. Our team uses high-quality paints and stains, ensuring your fence remains vibrant and robust, no matter the weather. From Pioneer to Currier, trust us to handle your fence painting and staining needs.

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gutter installation services

Gutter Installation & Removal in West Chicago

Got leaky gutters? We specialize in the removal and installation fo 5K and 6K seamless gutters. We only use aluminum or galvanized steel gutters, known for their strength, resistance to corrosion and long service life. We can give you a quote just for gutter replacement or include this with other work like an exterior paint job. Please give us a call or fill out the quote form below and we’ll see how we can help.

More About West Chicago, Illinois

West Chicago is a city located in DuPage County, Illinois, and is a western suburb of Chicago. With a population of 25,166, West Chicago offers a blend of suburban living and historical richness. The city was initially established around the first junction of railroad lines in Illinois and was formerly named Junction and later Turner, after its founder, John B. Turner.


West Chicago has a storied history that dates back to the 1830s when Erastus Gary homesteaded 760 acres on the banks of the DuPage River. The city was initially established around the first junction of railroad lines in Illinois. It was formerly named Junction and later Turner, after its founder, John B. Turner, president of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad in 1855. The city has seen various industries set up shop, including the Borden’s milk condensing plant, the Turner Cabinet Company, and the Turner Brick Company.

Geography and Distance to Chicago

Situated at coordinates 41.8848° N, 88.2039° W, West Chicago has a total area of 15.72 square miles, of which 15.38 square miles is land and 0.34 square miles is water. The city is approximately 30 miles away from downtown Chicago, making it a convenient location for those who work in the city but prefer a suburban lifestyle.


The city has a diverse population, with a racial makeup of 67.6% White, 2.5% Black, 51.1% Hispanic, and 5.9% Asian. The median age is 34.0 years, and the population density is 1,629.49 inhabitants per square mile.

Housing and Taxes

The median home price in West Chicago is $441,300, and the average property tax is $10,106. The average county tax rate is 2.29%, which is something to consider for potential homeowners. The primary zip codes for the area are 60185 and 60186.


The city’s economy is diverse, and it continues to attract quality business and residential development.


The city of West Chicago has two high schools—one public school, West Chicago Community High School, and one private, Wheaton Academy. There are seven public elementary schools and two middle schools within the city.


West Chicago is served by the Union Pacific West Metra service via West Chicago station. The DuPage Airport is also located in the city, and another Metra station is being planned on the STAR Line on North Avenue.

Points of Interest

West Chicago is home to the Truitt-Hoff Nature Preserve, part of DuPage County’s West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve, one of the largest and best-preserved prairies in the Midwest. The city is also home to Kline Creek Farm, an 1890s living history farm, as well as the West Chicago City Museum.


West Chicago, Illinois, offers a balanced lifestyle with its proximity to Chicago, diverse population, and various amenities. Whether you’re looking for good schools, a range of housing options, or a community with a rich history and promising future, West Chicago has something for everyone.

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Is OnDemand Painters eco-friendly?

Yes, we always follow ecologically friendly processes for disposal of paints and painting related wastes and for the majority of projects use low-voc or no-voc paints. This helps ensure better air quality in your house even after the project is done.