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Looking for a painting contractor in Plymouth? Learn the many ways that OnDemand Painters can improve your home or business.

Interior Painting in Plymouth, Michigan

As one of Plymouth’s most experienced painting companies, we provide high-quality interior house painting services. With over 20 years of experience, our professional painters brighten up your home to match the vibrant culture of the city. Whether you live in Old Village or Lake Pointe, we guarantee top-quality workmanship, using the best paints & materials that reflect Plymouth’s 177 sunny days beautifully.

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Exterior Painting in Plymouth, Michigan

Plymouth sees an average of 44 inches of snow and 33 inches of rain per year. Therefore, our exterior house painting services in Plymouth are designed to withstand these weather conditions. Whether you’re close to the bustling Kellogg Park or the quiet Bird Elementary Neighborhood, we provide resilient painting services that will keep your home looking its best, no matter the weather.

Cabinet Painting & Resurfacing in Plymouth, Michigan

Our cabinet painting and resurfacing services in Plymouth are all about rejuvenating your home. Regardless of the winter lows of 17 degrees, stepping into your newly painted kitchen will bring a sense of warmth. With honest pricing and top-quality workmanship, we’ll transform your cabinets into stunning pieces that complement your home.

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Commercial Painting in Plymouth, Michigan

Plymouth, with its diverse recreation programs and events like the Plymouth Ice Spectacular and Art in the Park, attracts numerous visitors. We provide commercial painting services throughout Plymouth, ensuring your establishment looks inviting and professional. Our excellent communication during the entire process ensures your commercial space reflects Plymouth’s vibrant culture.

Deck Painting, Staining, & Repair in Plymouth, Michigan

In Plymouth, with summers reaching a pleasant 83 degrees, decks are an essential part of the home. We provide deck painting, staining, and repair services, ensuring your deck is ready for summer gatherings. Using the best quality paints & materials, we ensure your deck can withstand both the pleasant summer and the snowy winter.

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Plaster & Drywall Repair in Plymouth, Michigan

With Plymouth’s 139 days of precipitation, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your interior walls. As experienced plaster and drywall contractors, we ensure your walls are well insulated and beautifully finished, providing a comfortable interior regardless of Plymouth’s weather outside.

Fence Painting & Staining in Plymouth, Michigan

With an average of 139 days of precipitation in Plymouth, fences need durable paint and stain to withstand the elements. We offer professional fence painting and staining services, using durable products that ensure your fence stays appealing and structurally sound all year round. We’re proud to bring our expertise to every corner of Plymouth, from Downtown to Plymouth Township.

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gutter installation services

Gutter Installation & Removal in Plymouth

Got leaky gutters? We specialize in the removal and installation fo 5K and 6K seamless gutters. We only use aluminum or galvanized steel gutters, known for their strength, resistance to corrosion and long service life. We can give you a quote just for gutter replacement or include this with other work like an exterior paint job. Please give us a call or fill out the quote form below and we’ll see how we can help.

More About Plymouth, Michigan

Plymouth is a city located in Wayne County, Michigan, and serves as a western suburb of Metro Detroit. The city is approximately 10 miles west of Detroit. According to the 2020 census, Plymouth has a population of 9,370, which is slightly different from the provided figure of 9,313. The city is spread across zip codes 48170.


Plymouth was first settled in 1825 and was incorporated as a village in 1867. It became a city in 1932. The city has a rich history, including the establishment of the Daisy Manufacturing Company in 1882, which later became famous for its BB guns.

Housing and Economy

The median home price in Plymouth is $435,000, and the average property tax is $9,396. The city has a county tax rate of 2.16%. These figures indicate that Plymouth is a relatively affluent area, with home prices and property taxes higher than the national average.

Culture and Recreation

Plymouth is known for its vibrant culture, featuring a variety of shops and restaurants surrounding Kellogg Park, the de facto center of town. The city offers more than fifty recreation programs for all age groups, an NHL-size ice arena, and twelve parks. Major community events include the popular Fall Festival, Ice Sculpture Spectacular, and Art in the Park.

Weather and Geography

The city has a total area of 2.22 square miles, and it experiences a typical Midwestern climate with four distinct seasons. It is located 15.6 miles east of Ann Arbor and 26.3 miles west of Detroit, making it convenient for those who work or frequently travel to these larger cities.


Plymouth is part of the Plymouth-Canton Community School District, which consists of three high schools, five middle schools, and sixteen elementary schools. The district has the only educational park in Michigan, the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP).

Nearby Cities and Places of Interest

Plymouth is close to other cities like Ann Arbor and Detroit, offering a good mix of suburban tranquility and access to urban amenities. The Historic Old Village is a notable neighborhood that hosts events and offers a quaint, historic atmosphere.


Plymouth, Michigan, is a city that offers a high quality of life with its rich history, strong community, and numerous amenities. Whether you’re interested in the arts, outdoor activities, or simply enjoying a peaceful suburban life, Plymouth has something for everyone.

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