OnDemand Painters Contractor Pricing

How we price your work

We can often give you a ball park figure by phone if you are looking for a quick reference, or a full breakdown once I’ve inspected the project.

Our prices are cheaper than the biggest companies in St. Louis, but will cost more than a local handyman working without insurance or paying taxes.

We charge what it takes to do the job RIGHT.  Just consider that, since we warranty all of our work and it would only cost us more to have to come out and fix it!


Why is there a variance in pricing?

There are many factors that go into the pricing of a paint job. Here is a list of options and outcomes associated with them. Every item has a price – the outcome is the benefit received

  1. Workers comp insurance – If a worker is injured on your home without WC. their insurance company can sue you. This is not covered on your homeowner’s insurance

  2. Liability insurance – this ensures that if there is any major property damage you will be covered.

  3. Power washing – most effective way to clean a surface

  4. Scraping – ensure you don’t paint over flaking areas

  5. Sanding – feathering the edges ensures moisture cant creep up under lip where good paint meets bare wood

  6. Priming with PRIMER – paint has thin solvents and dries quickly – it is NOT designed for porous surfaces. The actual primer should be used

  7. Paint quality – drying thickness is the key ingredient

  8. Number of coats“two wet coats” is different than “two dry coats”

  9. The Crew – will your crew work consecutive days or bounce around projects?

  10. Customer Service– who is answering the phone when you have a problem?

  11. Warranty – does the warranty include LABOR? Or is it just a materials warranty?

  12. What if something goes wrong? Beyond your initial deposit, we don’t collect the final payment until the job is completed. If it isn’t done, we don’t get paid!


Every one of these things has some variance in pricing. The scary part about the prep work is it can be done minimally and still look good – so a good warranty is KEY to holding a painter accountable.