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Looking for a painting contractor in Sterling Heights? Learn the many ways that OnDemand Painters can improve your home or business.

Interior Painting in Sterling Heights, Michigan

At OnDemand Painters, we provide top-notch interior house painting services in Sterling Heights. With over 20 years of experience, we’re well-versed in handling the diverse weather conditions in the city. We use only high-quality paints and materials, ensuring your home’s interiors can withstand the 33 inches of annual rainfall and average winter lows of 19 degrees.

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Exterior Painting in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Given Sterling Heights averages 32 inches of snow a year, your home’s exterior needs to be robust and resistant. At OnDemand Painters, we provide high-quality, weather-resistant exterior painting services. We guarantee our workmanship and ensure your home shines brightly during the 180 sunny days per year.

Cabinet Painting & Resurfacing in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Revamp your kitchen or bathroom with our cabinet painting and resurfacing services. We recognize the value of quality materials and craftsmanship, especially in a city known for its blue-collar ethos. Our cabinet services can transform any space, adding value and style to your Sterling Heights home.

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Commercial Painting in Sterling Heights, Michigan

OnDemand Painters provides exceptional commercial painting services across Sterling Heights. Whether it’s a shop in Lakeside Mall or an office on Dobry Road, we’ve got you covered. We understand Sterling Heights’ commercial needs and work diligently to provide services that are as efficient as they are meticulous.

Deck Painting, Staining, & Repair in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Enjoy Sterling Heights’ most pleasant months with a beautifully painted or stained deck. Our deck services are designed to withstand the city’s weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting results. With our quick quotes and feedback, your deck upgrade project will be completed in no time.

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Plaster & Drywall Repair in Sterling Heights, Michigan

We provide top-tier plaster and drywall services in Sterling Heights. Our experienced team can handle anything from minor repairs to major installations. Our honesty in pricing and excellent communication during the entire process make us the preferred choice for drywall services in the city.

Fence Painting & Staining in Sterling Heights, Michigan

A well-painted fence not only adds curb appeal but also withstands Sterling Heights’ diverse climate. At OnDemand Painters, we use high-quality paints and stains that resist the effects of precipitation, ensuring your fence looks fresh year-round. Trust us for reliable, efficient fence painting and staining services.

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gutter installation services

Gutter Installation & Removal in Sterling Heights

Got leaky gutters? We specialize in the removal and installation fo 5K and 6K seamless gutters. We only use aluminum or galvanized steel gutters, known for their strength, resistance to corrosion and long service life. We can give you a quote just for gutter replacement or include this with other work like an exterior paint job. Please give us a call or fill out the quote form below and we’ll see how we can help.

More About Sterling Heights, Michigan

Sterling Heights is a bustling city located in Macomb County, part of the greater Detroit metropolitan area. With a population of 134,346 according to the 2020 census, it is one of the larger suburban cities surrounding Detroit.

Housing and Cost of Living

The median home value in Sterling Heights stands at $283,300, with an average property tax of $4,986. The tax rate is approximately 1.76%, making it relatively moderate in terms of cost of living. ZIP codes associated with the city include 48310, 48311, 48312, 48313, and 48314.


The city operates under a Council-Manager system, with Michael C. Taylor serving as the Mayor and Mark D. Vanderpool as the City Manager. Sterling Heights City Council is also an essential part of the local governance structure.


Sterling Heights covers a total area of 36.72 square miles, which includes a small portion of water. It has an elevation of 614 feet above sea level.

Population and Density

With a density of 3,686.06 people per square mile, Sterling Heights is densely populated but offers various community amenities. The city is part of the Metro Detroit area, a region with millions of residents.

Time Zone and Connectivity

Sterling Heights operates in the Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) and observes Daylight Saving Time. The primary area code for the city is 586.

Notable People

Several notable people hail from Sterling Heights, including Pete Chryplewicz, a former NFL player, and Frank Zombo, a professional football linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. The city has also produced talent in other fields, such as screenwriting and music.

Community Features and Motto

The city’s motto is “To Strive on Behalf of All,” indicating a commitment to community welfare and progress. Although the amenities and schools are not detailed, Sterling Heights’ large size and close proximity to Detroit make it an attractive place for a balanced lifestyle, combining suburban comfort with urban amenities.


Sterling Heights, Michigan, offers a blend of urban and suburban living with its considerable size, diverse population, and range of community features. As one of the significant cities in the Metro Detroit area, it plays a crucial role in the region’s economic and cultural landscape. With a combination of residential comfort and easy access to larger urban centers, Sterling Heights stands as a significant part of Michigan’s broader community.

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