Best Bathroom Paint Colors for 2023

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It’s always important to stay on top of the latest trends when decorating your bathroom, especially when it comes to paint colors. On Demand Painters has found the best bathroom paint colors for 2023, and it’s all about introducing color and experimenting with different shades to achieve a unique look. 

This year, you’ll find bold blues, beautiful pinks, earthy tones and even dark shades making an appearance in modern bathrooms. The trend is towards creating vibrant spaces that make a statement – so don’t be afraid of adding a splash of color! Read on for more information on the bathroom paint colors that are on-trend this year.

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bathroom interior bright blue tones with washbasin mirror lighting

Blue is making a bold statement in the world of interior design, especially when it comes to bathroom colors 2023. This calming hue reduces stress and creates an atmosphere of relaxation. Adding blue shades to your bathroom can be a great way to create a refreshing space that you will love spending time in.

From soft baby blues to deep, rich jewel tones, these calming hues can instantly transform the appearance of your home and bring a calm feeling to any room. 

Interior Designer coordinator Tara Spaulding recommends using blues in combination with greens – another popular color often seen in bathrooms – to create an inviting space that stands out from the crowd. Blue looks great on its own too, paired with classic white, cream or even some grays and purples for a more adventurous palette. 

Among the most popular blue tones for this upcoming year are Sea Salt SW 6204 by Sherwin Williams, In the Shadows (PPG1039-6) By PPG, Blissful Blue (4005-3C) by Valspar and Borrowed Light 235 by Farrow & Ball. Each shade offers its own unique look that can help bring out different elements of your home’s decor.

Sea Salt SW 6204 by Sherwin Williams is a soft, barely-there blue shade that adds a hint of soothing color to any room. It gives off an airy and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or living rooms looking for some peace. Decor and accents in pale neutrals like beige or off-white look great with this hue, creating an inviting and calming interior. 

In the Shadows (PPG1039-6) from PPG is a faded blue bathroom hue that creates an idyllic atmosphere, bringing an airy feel to the space and making it great for those who want their bathroom sanctuary to be stress-free. This hue works perfectly with white trim and tile, creating a timeless look that complements any kind of décor. To add depth and texture, accents such as wood or stone will complement this shade of blue nicely.

Blissful Blue (4005-3C) by Valspar is a classic powder blue that adds just the right amount of softness to any room. This timeless hue looks beautiful in nurseries and children’s bedrooms, creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity for little ones to grow up in. For decoration, use natural light wood bathroom furniture pieces and warm white accents to brighten the space.

Borrowed Light 235 from Farrow & Ball is a lovely light blue shade that will bring brightness and airiness into any home. Its delicate tone is ideal for bathrooms or kitchens seeking to achieve a spa-like feeling. To complement this shade, use glossy white tiles and gold fixtures for a modern yet inviting look.  Alternatively, pair it with pale yellow furniture for a cheerful atmosphere.


stylish gold white bathroom

White hues can add a soothing and calming atmosphere to your bathroom, making it an ideal sanctuary after a long day. Moreover, white is incredibly versatile and can fit in with any style of décor. From minimalist contemporary bathrooms to more ornate traditional styles, white can create the perfect backdrop that will boost the charm and appeal of your space.

White shades reflect natural lighting beautifully which helps to maximize brightness in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and make them look bigger than they actually are. They also work great with touches of color – think a splash back or feature wall in another hue – which can bring both character and vibrancy into the room while still retaining an air of serenity.

Dove Wing OC-18 by Benjamin Moore is a classic shade that is sure to bring some subtle warmth and brightness to your home. It pairs well with light accents, such as beiges and yellows, or sleek metallic finishes for a modern look. The perfect use of this shade would be in a powder room, with simple white walls and an ornate mirror to add some character.

Cameo White MQ3-32 by Behr has an almost creamy hue which gives it a hint of depth and dimension. This is perfect for bathroom walls where you want to make the space feel warm and inviting yet still bright enough for daily grooming. Offset the color with bright towels, soap dishes or flowers for added beauty.

Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin Williams is a stark, bright white that carries with it an air of luxury and sophistication. This shade works especially well in spaces where you want to make a statement, such as home offices, dining rooms or even in the bathroom. To complete the look, pair this shade with cool tones such as blues and grays for an elegant finish. Bring in light fixtures that cast soft glows around the room to create a cozy atmosphere.


modern minimalist bathroom interior

Gray is the perfect paint color choice for your master bathroom. It has a classic look that will stand the test of time, while its subtle versatility allows you to express yourself and create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in any space, making it ideal for a place meant for relaxation like the master bath. The light and airy shades reflect natural light beautifully, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. They also pair well with other colors such as whites or blues, allowing you to add pops of color throughout your bathroom without overpowering it. 

Gray Cashmere 2138-60 by Benjamin Moore is a shade that brings sophistication and elegance to minimalist spaces. With its subtle hint of warm gray, this color works well with natural woods and cooler colors, making it the perfect choice for those looking to create a crisp, clean look. It’s also great for adding depth and dimension in unexpected ways, creating an environment of modern minimalism. The perfect accent and decor pieces are those with cool tones – think silver accents or matte black pieces that provide contrast against the muted tones of the Gray Cashmere paint. When it comes to lighting, opt for warm white fixtures that will add some warmth to the space without taking away from its minimalistic feel. 


modern bathroom interior design 2022 12 16 11 55 49 utc

Soft pink shades can bring a touch of classical elegance to your bathroom in 2023. These shades are subtle yet sophisticated, making them perfect for creating softer and more inviting bathroom spaces. With the right hues, you can create a space that’s calming and soothing. Soft pink shades offer the opportunity to express yourself in your bathroom while still being able to keep it feeling contemporary and timeless. From pale pinks to deeper tones, there is a range of soft pinks that can be used to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball is a soft pink shade that brings a calm, gentle feeling to the bathroom. It creates an inviting and tranquil atmosphere in any space. The perfect modern bathroom decor for this shade includes light gray and white floor tiles, ceramic or quartz countertops and charcoal gray cabinetry. Incorporating copper, brass or rose gold accents into the decor can add an extra touch of sophistication while still keeping it soft and subtle.

Light Peach PPG1197-2 by PPG is another soft pink shade that adds a delicate dose of femininity to the bathroom. It has a hint of warmth that will make your bathroom look cozy yet chic. This muted color pairs beautifully with wood details as well as white wall tiles, porcelain fixtures and natural stone countertops.

Mauve Mist by Benjamin Moore is a soft pink shade with a hint of lavender that adds an unmistakably chic feel to the space. This color pairs well with light gray tiles, white cabinetry and either quartz or marble countertops for an elegant modern look. Rose gold accents will be the perfect addition to bring out the mauve tones while still maintaining its subtlety and sophistication.


modern luxury bathroom interior design with panelling wall

The calming and soothing effects of green hues make them a great choice to help create an atmosphere of relaxation. Whether you prefer a light, fresh shade or a deeper tone to provide contrast against other features in the room, there are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing a green shade for your bathroom walls. Adding personal touches such as different textures and accents can help you personalize your space with a unique style. 

Cascades SW 7623 by Sherwin-Williams is a dark majestic green shade that brings a royal feel to any bathroom design. It’s the perfect choice for a personal style that wants to focus on creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. To accentuate this color, pair it with other lighter earth tones like beige, cream or warm gray. 

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 by Sherwin-Williams has a more subtle tone than Cascades SW 7623; its dark khaki undertones create a more neutral look. This shade is perfect for lovers of the traditional style; it creates an effortlessly sophisticated atmosphere that can be further highlighted by adding golden touches or rustic wood accents. Since this color has a gentle, earthy feel to it, pairing it with other muted tones like ivory and gray will create a timelessly elegant bathroom look.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, try experimenting with bolder colors like yellow, orange and pink to create a truly unique look.  No matter what style you choose, mixing shades of green with other colors will undoubtedly give your bathroom an eye-catching appearance that is sure to impress.


wall zoom virtual background interior mediterranean style

Earthy shades are a great way to bring a sense of natural beauty and balance into your bathroom. The subtle neutral tones can create a calming, serene atmosphere that helps to reduce stress. These colors also provide an opportunity to express yourself with bolder accent colors that won’t overwhelm the room. Earthy shades like beige, taupe, and gray are versatile enough to complement any style preferences.

Driftwood 2107-40 by Benjamin Moore is a natural, light shade of brown that evokes an organic and cozy feeling. It works especially well in bathrooms and powder rooms with rustic décor, giving it a warm and earthy atmosphere. Accentuate this color with wooden elements such as cabinets, baskets or planters for a tranquil yet stylish look.

Cocoa Whip Sherwin Williams 9084 offers a creamy and warm tone that brings warmth to every bathroom space. This shade works great in modern or minimalistic designs due to its neutral color. To give your bathroom an elegant touch, use metallic accents such as faucets and shower heads along with other decorations like vases or plants.

Spanish Brown by Benjamin Moore exudes a rich and deep hue that can be used to create an inviting atmosphere. This color provides a perfect backdrop for vintage-inspired décor, as it pairs well with copper or bronze elements such as backlit mirrors and light fixtures. Choose neutral accents like natural rugs or textiles for the perfect finishing touch.

Burnt Sienna by Sherwin Williams is a bright and vibrant shade of red-orange that adds energy to any bathroom. It looks great in modern designs and works best with white accents such as tiles, sink basins, and countertops. To complete the look, add plants or wood pieces to give your bathroom a refreshing yet stylish feel.

High Tea by Sherwin Williams is a warm shade of yellow that brings both serenity and joy to any bathroom. This color works great in traditional designs and looks best with white accents, such as wicker baskets or cabinets. To bring out the color even more, use gold fixtures and other metallic elements to complete the look. 


2023 has some stylish new colors and some old favorites on the list. If you’ve been thinking about painting your bathroom now is a great time! If you’re in the St Louis, Chicago, or Detroit area and need help painting your bathroom, please fill out the form below to get a quote. We can provide you with professional advice and guidance to make sure your project is a success. Our team of experienced painters have years of experience working on residential and commercial projects. Thank you for considering us for your painting needs!