Dark Green Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Choosing the right paint color for your house’s outside can feel like a big adventure. And guess what? Dark green is one of those cool choices that’s hard to ignore. It’s like grabbing a piece of the great outdoors and slapping it right onto your home. This color isn’t just about looking good; it’s got a whole vibe of being trendy, eco-friendly, and classy all at once.

Thinking about shaking things up a bit? Whether your house wants to shout “I’m here!” or whisper “Look at me,” dark green’s got you covered. It’s the kind of color that turns a plain old house into a neighborhood superstar. So, let’s jump into this paint pot together and see how dark green can do more than just change your house’s color—it can give it its very own story.


Dark Greens


A deep and rich bluish-green that’s perfect for making a statement. Recommended to pair with subdued accents like Sherwin Williams’ Alpaca for trim. Warm woods and natural stone complement this dark, earthy shade well, making it an excellent choice for rustic homes.

Olympic Range

A deep forest green that’s dark and dramatic, suitable for both modern and rustic homes. It pairs nicely with Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green, creating a stunning contrast with lighter porch steps and columns.

Black Forest Green

A blackened shade of green that’s complex and dark. It adds weight and warmth to exteriors, creating a striking contrast with lighter porch steps and columns.

Dried Thyme

This complex shade has khaki and gray undertones, looking lovely when paired with wood accents. It’s a great option for those looking to blend their home’s exterior into its natural surroundings.

Sussex Green

A warm, deep green that is subtle and blends well with natural surroundings, especially in modern homes. This paint color is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to complement their green house with the color green found in nature.

Neighborhood Park

A mid-range, earthy green color that makes white design elements pop. It looks great against a home’s brick base and wood front door, enhancing the home exteriors with a vibrant touch of green.

Aegean Olive

An earth-tone lover’s dream shade, this brown-green hue is deep and warm, making for a beautiful field color for exteriors. Olive green tones like this are perfect for painting the siding and shutters, offering a classic look to green homes.

Summer Sage

An earth tone that softens a house’s hard angles and helps it blend into the trees, creating a striking contrast with lighter colors like Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter on the brick base level.

Sage Mountain

An elegant earth tone perfect for homeowners seeking a timeless look. It is used on a brick transitional ranch home with wood and copper accents, showcasing the beauty of green exterior house colors.

Deep Creek

A neutral with gorgeous green undertones, this medium-brown shade has a modern feel and plenty of depth and personality, making it a stunning choice for green exterior house designs.

Light and Bright Greens

Mint Green

A trendy shade that’s light enough to be neutral yet vibrant enough to stand out. It adapts well to many architectural styles, infusing older homes with a modern touch. Mint green is an excellent choice for those seeking a bright, refreshing look for their greenhouse, offering a quick glance at nature’s more lively hues.

Moss Green

Offering tints of medium green mixed with deep pine needle hues, moss green delivers a punch of color with subtlety. It pairs well with raw wood elements or brown and tan features, making it a great option for home exteriors looking to draw attention with natural accents.

Olive Green

Ideal for painting shutters and window trim, especially when paired with terra cotta or taupe stucco walls. It brings an island lifestyle vibe to the exterior, making olive green a popular choice for those wanting to create a warm, inviting green home.

Cactus Green

A bright, almost fluorescent shade that livens up both the home and the block while blending in nicely with a well-kept grass lawn and hot-weather plants. Cactus green is a vibrant choice for exterior paint colors, perfect for homeowners looking to make a bold statement.

Forest Green

A highly saturated hue that attracts heat, making it ideal for cold climates. It’s just tinted enough to make a statement without sticking out, blending well with nature and city surroundings. Forest green is a classic choice for green exterior house colors, offering depth and sophistication to home exteriors.

Sage Green

Light and muted, making it a great option for infusing your home with style while also remaining neutral. Sage green pairs especially well with brown, tan, and wood features, making it a versatile paint color for creating a serene and natural-looking green exterior.

Unique Greens

Pistachio Green

Fresh pistachio green paint complemented with lighter and darker shades on the gable and front door gives a home a wash of color that blends in with the natural greens of the surrounding landscape.

Green Gray

A soft greenish-gray earth-toned paint color that honors the original aesthetics of a home, providing a neutral yet distinct appearance. Green gray is perfect for those seeking a subtle hint of green while maintaining a classic and understated look for their home’s exterior.

Additional Dark Greens

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown (SW 6188):

This dark green has gray undertones, giving it a classic look without feeling too punchy. It’s an excellent choice for siding, complementing well with Ethereal White trim and Evergreen Fog doors, especially when paired with black accents.

Magnolia Home Estate

A deep sage green with gray undertones, part of the Magnolia Castle Collection. Each color in this collection feels stately, as if they have been used in homes for hundreds of years.

Farrow & Ball Green Smoke

A moody, dark smokey green that was popular in interiors during the late 19th century. It blends easily with the colors found in nature, making it a great choice for exteriors.

Benjamin Moore Lafayette Green: 

A stately dark green that adds drama to any space. It is part of Benjamin Moore’s Historic Color Collection, inspired by American history and its rich architectural tradition.

Behr North Woods: 

A muted green with a hint of gray, keeping it from being too bright. It’s a great neutral color for an accent wall or the entire space to bring the outside in.

Sherwin Williams Rookwood Shutter Green: 

Described as the exact color sought for a late 1960s home with a cottage-inspired design. It’s part of Sherwin Williams Exterior and Historic Color Collections.

Valspar Flora

Described as a deep, blackened olive, embodying charm and sophistication. It’s Valspar’s 2023 Color of the Year, beautiful with warm wood accents and patterns drawn from nature.

Benjamin Moore Windsor Green: 

An elegant, mossy green designed to mimic the green color popular in the 18th century. Part of Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg Collection, it’s rooted in the artifacts and homes of Colonial Williamsburg.

Behr Fig Tree:

A rich and classic dark green paint color that looks good everywhere. This sophisticated shade can elevate the overall appearance of a home, offering a stylish look that complements a variety of architectural styles..

These dark green exterior paint color schemes offer a range of options for adding sophistication, depth, and a touch of nature to your home’s exterior or interior spaces. Each color has been carefully selected for its timeless appeal and ability to complement various architectural styles and design elements, making them excellent choices for homeowners looking to create a vibrant and welcoming green home.


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