Ondemand Painters: Finalist for Best Painters in St Louis


We’re thrilled to announce that Ondemand Painters has been named a finalist for the prestigious ‘Best Painters’ category in the St. Louis Magazine’s A-List Readers’ Choice Awards 2023. This accolade, a testament to quality and customer satisfaction, is based entirely on public nominations and votes.

About the Readers’ Choice Awards

The A-List Readers’ Choice Awards is an annual celebration of the finest service providers in the region, all determined by popular vote. This year’s iteration saw participation from an impressive 69,000 individuals. Advertisers and partners are reminded that their status doesn’t guarantee a win or even a finalist position – this is a purely democratic process.

Who are Ondemand Painters?

Founded in the heart of St. Louis, we have built a reputation on exceptional painting and drywall services. Our dedication to the craft is reflected not only in our quality work but also in the satisfaction of our customers.

Recognition and Reviews

A true testament to our service, we proudly boast over 230 five-star reviews from delighted customers. It’s clear that our commitment to quick quotes, quality workmanship, and outstanding customer service is a winning combination in the St. Louis area.

A Unique Approach

We stand out with our unique approach to delivering top-notch services. Swift, accurate quotes coupled with a keen focus on quality and customer satisfaction have made us a household name in St. Louis.

A Word from our Owner

Chris Heerdegen, owner of Ondemand Painters, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the recognition. He remarked,

“Being named a finalist for this award is truly an honor. We are humbled and excited to know that our efforts have been recognized by the very people we serve.”


As we celebrate the recognition of Ondemand Painters as one of the finest painters in St. Louis, we encourage residents to experience our exceptional services firsthand. And it’s not just us singing our praises. For more details and to view the full list of winners and finalists, visit the St. Louis Magazine’s A-List Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 online. Stay informed and updated about the best that St. Louis has to offer, all from the comfort of your home.


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