Cabinet Painting & Refinishing in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Florida

Quick & Easy Kitchen Updating

>Give your kitchen a whole new look with a fresh coat of paint for your cabinets. Painting just may be the answer to your old cabinets and look just like new.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want it to feel fresh, inviting, and unique. 

At OnDemand Painters, our trained and experienced contractors can work with you to give your kitchen cabinet new color that will spruce up in no time. Painted cabinets will transform your room and look just like new that even your friends won’t believe they were painted, not replaced.

Paints, Stains, & Finishes

Our expert painters can help you choose various best quality paint that gives your cabinets a new life. 

Painting an old cabinet can result in surprisingly drastic and well worth the time and effort. You can paint your light stained cabinet with a dark coat or a coat of bold red paint to give your kitchen a shiny whole new look. 

A wide range of wood stains can look like they’re from a different type of wood. For example, birch and maple cabinets take well to dark stains, and can masquerade as heavier, pricier woods like mahogany or cherry. 

There are several different types of stains made from different materials, including:

  • Oil-based stains. This traditional type of stain is great for cabinet painting, since it works well for restaining and touch-ups.
  • Water-based stains are more environmentally friendly than oil-based stains, and emit fewer noxious fumes.
  • Penetrating oil stains not only stain the cabinetry, but also act to help protect the wood.
  • Gel stains. This wood stain variety adheres well to vertical surfaces.

Get a quick quote in under 10 minutes when you contact us and we guarantee you’ll be happy with how your kitchen cabinets look.  We are honest about what a job will cost and what it will take to do it right. Below are some common types of cabinet finishes include:

  • Burnished finishes use strategic sanding and distressing to create a traditional, worn-in look.
  • Highlighted finishes add visual depth by using a lighter “highlight” glaze on the recessed parts of the doors and drawers.
  • Glazed finishes create an added sheen.
  • Vintage finishes create a lightly distressed look that can give relatively new cabinets the character and prestige of a priceless antique.

Love your old kitchen cabinets by giving them a makeover. It is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to give your kitchen a new life. Our cabinet specialists at OnDemand Painters will make your cabinets look new again.