Bathroom Paint Colors 2024

Black Bathroom 2

This year, dive into a palette that’s bursting with personality and charm, tailor-made to turn your bathroom into a haven of self-care and well-being. From the soothing embrace of earthy tones to the bold confidence of dark greens, and the serene whisper of soft blue to the playful wink of vibrant colors – we’ve got every shade to match your unique taste.

Interior designers are buzzing about the hottest bathroom trends, and we’re here to spill all the colorful secrets. So, get ready to add depth to your space and transform your bathroom into a focal point of modern living. Your journey through the latest in bathroom design and the dazzling world of paint colors starts right here!

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Dark Colors:

Magenta Bathroom

These shades represent depth, mystery, and sophistication, aligning with the hottest bathroom trends that focus on creating dramatic and intimate spaces. Dark colors, used by interior designers as focal points on bathroom walls or for accentuating bathroom fixtures, symbolize strength and elegance. They reflect a personality that appreciates boldness and depth in bathroom design.

Deep Burgundy: 

This rich, luxurious color adds depth and sophistication to bathroom spaces, symbolizing wealth and refinement. Often used by interior designers to create a focal point, Deep Burgundy works well with warm lighting and can complement both modern and old-world charm styles.


Blue Bathroom

These shades are particularly popular, offering a calming ambiance that transforms the bathroom into a soothing retreat. These colors represent clarity, calmness, and stability, resonating with personalities that seek peace and relaxation in their bathroom spaces.

Sherwin-Williams, Upward SW 6239

A soft blue that evokes feelings of serenity and calmness, ideal for a spa-like experience in the bathroom. It represents the sky and sea, bringing a sense of tranquility and openness to the space.

Benjamin Moore, Blue Nova 825

This vibrant shade of blue adds visual interest and a playful touch to bathroom designs. It symbolizes trust and stability, making it a popular choice for creating a calming ambiance.

Valspar, Renew Blue 8003-37D: 

A refreshing and revitalizing color, perfect for bathrooms due to its association with cleanliness and renewal. Its soft blue tone works well with natural light, enhancing the sense of space.


green bathroom

As part of the natural materials trend, green shades bring the essence of the outdoors into bathroom interiors. These colors are synonymous with balance and harmony, appealing to those who seek a connection with nature and a sense of rejuvenation in their bathroom design.

Sherwin-Williams, Dried Thyme SW 6186: 

An earthy tone that brings the calming essence of nature into the bathroom. It symbolizes growth and harmony, ideal for creating a relaxing environment.

Sherwin-Williams, Nurture Green SW 6451:

This soft green shade reflects the trend for natural materials in bathroom design. It represents renewal and tranquility, contributing to a soothing and balanced atmosphere.

Sherwin-Williams, Cascades SW 7623:

A deeper green that adds richness and depth to bathroom walls. It symbolizes luxury and vitality, perfect for creating a bold statement in modern bathrooms.

Blacks and Grays:

Black Bathroom

The growing popularity of blacks and grays in bathroom design reflects a modern and sleek aesthetic. These colors, often used in minimalist and monochromatic schemes, symbolize sophistication and contemporary elegance. They cater to personalities who prefer a refined and understated style in their bathroom spaces.

Behr, Cracked Pepper PPU18-01:

A versatile and modern choice, this dark shade can add drama and sophistication. It symbolizes strength and elegance, making it a great choice for feature walls or accent pieces.

Benjamin Moore, Mopboard Black CW-680:

This deep black hue brings a sense of drama and boldness to the bathroom, symbolizing power and sophistication. It pairs well with metallic accents and can serve as a stunning backdrop for lighter fixtures.

Pinks and Reds:

Pinks and reds in 2024 bathroom paint colors bring a sense of warmth and vibrancy. These shades symbolize passion, energy, and playfulness, aligning with current trends in creating lively and inviting bathroom designs. They resonate with personalities that appreciate bold and expressive color schemes in their bathroom interiors.

Farrow & Ball, Cinder Rose No. 246:

A soft, romantic pink that adds a touch of femininity and warmth. It symbolizes love and gentleness, making it perfect for creating a cozy and inviting bathroom.

Benjamin Moore, Coral Glow 026:ç

This vibrant shade represents joy and optimism. Its energetic hue can invigorate bathroom spaces, making it a great choice for accent walls.

Benjamin Moore, Razzle Dazzle 1348:


A bold and bright color that adds a playful and dynamic energy. It symbolizes excitement and creativity, ideal for a modern and lively bathroom.

Whites and Creams:

The timeless appeal of whites and creams in the bathroom represents purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. These shades are perfect for creating a light and airy feel, especially in small bathroom spaces. They symbolize serenity and calmness, appealing to those who seek a minimalist and tranquil bathroom environment.

Clare, Fresh Kicks:

A pure, clean white that brings a sense of clarity and openness. It represents simplicity and cleanliness, perfect for small bathrooms or spaces with limited natural light.

Behr, Cameo White MQ3-32: 

A creamy white with a subtle warmth, offering a softer alternative to stark whites. It symbolizes comfort and calmness, ideal for creating a relaxing retreat.

Sherwin-Williams, Cotton SW 9581:

A warm white that adds a gentle, cozy ambiance. It represents purity and simplicity, making it a versatile choice for any bathroom style.

Benjamin Moore, Organdy 1248:

A light gray with hints of pink, offering a subtle and sophisticated backdrop. It symbolizes elegance and tranquility, suitable for serene bathroom spaces.


These colors and finishes go beyond the traditional, offering new avenues for personal expression and design innovation in bathroom spaces. Each element in this category is not just about the color or finish itself but also about what it represents in life and interior design, from comfort and warmth to modern elegance and bold statements.

Warm Tones: 

These bathroom paint colors  evoke a sense of comfort and warmth, ideal for creating a relaxing spa-like experience. In Scandinavian design, warm tones represent a connection with nature and a focus on well-being, making them a popular choice for bathroom spaces where relaxation is key.

Botanicals & Natural Woods: 

This color palette is on trend, bringing the tranquility of the natural world into the bathroom. These hues symbolize rejuvenation and peace, aligning with the current trends in interior design that emphasize health and relaxation.

Warm Metals vs Chrome: 

A reflection of the hottest bathroom trends, these finishes add a luxurious touch to bathroom fixtures. They symbolize sophistication and are a bold choice for those looking to make a statement with their bathroom design.

Matt Finishes and Colors: 

These paint colors offer a modern, understated elegance. They represent a shift in interior designers’ preferences towards subtlety and minimalism, providing a sophisticated backdrop for bathroom walls.

Greys and Anthracites: 

Favored by interior designers for their versatility, these shades are perfect for creating a calming ambiance in bathroom spaces. They symbolize balance and neutrality, making them a timeless choice in bathroom paint colors.

Moody and Masculine Colors: 

These colors add depth and intensity to bathroom interiors, representing strength and boldness. Ideal for creating a focal point or adding visual interest, they cater to a unique taste in bathroom design.


While keeping up with the hottest bathroom trends and consulting with interior designers is great, the true magic happens when you choose colors that resonate with your personality. Your bathroom is not just another room; it’s a personal sanctuary. Whether it’s the calming ambiance of light gray or the vibrant energy of bright colors, make sure your choice reflects your unique style and creates a space where you feel cozy.

After all, the best bathroom design is the one that feels like home. So, go ahead, pick a paint color that mirrors your soul, and turn your bathroom into a masterpiece of self-expression and comfort!


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